If you have dynamic IP addresses, you have the following options;

  1. You can use the Atlas Public API to dynamically add and remove IPs from your whitelist. For MongoDB Atlas documentation on configuring Atlas API Access, please click here.

  2. You can use VPC Peering (M10+ instances only) to link your Atlas cluster to your existing VPC. For documentation Setting up a VPC peering connection in MongoDB Atlas, please click here.

  3. Or you can set your whitelist to to allow the entire Internet into your IP whitelist. For MongoDB Atlas documentation on adding entries to your IP Whitelist, please click here. Please note that adding to the cluster’s whitelist as this can expose the cluster to denial of service attacks. Also, please be aware that Heroku uses dynamic IPs, so you will have to add to the whitelist when using Heroku to connect to your Atlas Cluster.

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