Connections you see in the Atlas Metrics represent a total of connections caused by:

  • Heartbeats and replication between the nodes (20-25 connections)

  • Agent connections (backup, monitoring, and automation agents)

  • Driver connections

  • App connections

Every new cluster may have more than 20 connections from the moment of its creation, before it is even being used to store data.

For M10+ clusters, if you'd like additional information regarding your cluster's active connections, you may run the following script (via the mongo shell) to generate a basic list of all active client connections:

db.currentOp(true).inprog.forEach( function(op) {     if( = true && op.client != undefined) {         var miniOp = { client : op.client, description : op.desc };         printjson(miniOp);     }  } );  

Want to know more? Check the documentation on Atlas connections here.

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