Check the Triggers page in the Realm App. Confirm the trigger is enabled and not disabled/suspended. Then confirm the configuration of the Trigger.

If trigger is ENABLED but not working

1. Check the Realm logs and see if there is a log entry related to the trigger.

2. If you have a database trigger for insert events on a particular collection, insert a document manually into the targeted collection and confirm if the trigger was triggered.

  • If yes, repeat the step to insert a document into the targeted collection with your application to see if the trigger was triggered.

  • If no, create a new trigger with the same configuration that uses the same function and retry the steps above. If the trigger then fires successfully, keep the original trigger and contact Support for further investigation.


For further assistance, contact MongoDB Support with the following information:

  • name of the trigger and the function having issues

  • the full output of any informational or error messages logged upon encountering the issue

  • the date, time, and timezone of the first and the most recent occurrence of the issue

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