Customers often ask us if they can pause or permanently stop their MongoDB cluster. 

Pause Your Cluster

You can pause an M10+ cluster at any time and pay a greatly reduced rate while keeping the instances in a stopped state. Storage and connection string details are preserved while the cluster is in a paused state.  In case you forget to restart the cluster, it will auto-resume in 7 days.  Things to note:

  • You cannot modify a paused cluster

  • You cannot read or write to a paused cluster

  • Any configured alerts will not be triggered

  • Ongoing backups will be stopped, but your older snapshots will be retained

Terminate a Cluster

Otherwise, your Atlas cluster can be terminated - when the cluster is terminated, all data and all backup files for that cluster are deleted.  If you require a copy of your data, you should download the file before terminating the cluster!

Read more in our documentation about pausing your cluster here.

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